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Roterdstrasse 78-86 DN 600 roadheader excavation

Facts and Figures
Company Wiener Betriebs- und Baugesellschaft mbH.
Principal Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Magistratsabteilung MA 31 – Wiener Wasser
Location Vienna - Austria
Type Pipeline construction
Runtime 11.2019 - 01.2020

Trenchless success.

To increase operational safety in the area of Roterdstrasse in the sixteenth district of Vienna, Municipal Department 31 – Vienna Water contracted WIBEBA to replace the old water pipelines with new DN 300 ductile spheroidal cast iron pipes. The section between object numbers 78 and 86 presented a particular challenge because around 40m of the line intersected with a garden allotment association. WIBEBA was responsible for the necessary earthworks and construction on this project. A team from Kraft&Wärme assisted WIBEBA with the pipeline construction.

The original plan called for using open-cut methods to replace this section of pipeline. This strategy, however, would have caused considerable damage to the crops above. The employer and site neighbours were consulted directly about alternative options. Once all the key data had been identified, and with due consideration of economic factors, we decided to implement a trenchless alternative. Using our PBA100 pipe rammer, we executed a DN 600 roadheader excavation with steel pipes, which enabled us to successfully pass under the garden area without any surface excavation.

The partial section drive itself emerged dead on target at a distance of 44m from the starting pit. In the spirit of the WIBEBA motto for trenchless construction services – “Look, there’s nothing to see here!” – we successfully completed the tunnelling works in just a few days. Once the hole was bored, we inserted new DN 300 ductile spheroidal cast iron pipe sections into the steel pipes and easily connected them to the existing line.

The decision to use the correct trenchless procedure and strong collaboration between all involved parties

enabled us to meet all deadlines and complete our work to the total satisfaction of the client and all site neighbours.