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Pipe laying

We ensure your well-being.

We are the ideal partner for both utility supply companies and private individuals. Our services include the construction of supply and disposal lines involving all pipe materials and in all pipe diameters. We offer guaranteed solutions for difficult local conditions and high-traffic areas, ensuring the flawless technical implementation of all our construction works with limited disruption to traffic and site neighbours.

One of the most important tasks facing our communities and cities is ensuring that people enjoy an uninterrupted supply of drinking water and seamless wastewater disposal. Our well-trained specialist staff and many years of experience make us your competent and dependable partner in the construction and maintenance of all water supply and wastewater disposal networks in this sector.

As a highly experienced partner of Wiener Netze GmbH and other prominent water supply companies in Vienna and the surrounding area, we execute earthworks, construction and cable laying for the renovation and maintenance of public infrastructure.

To ensure you enjoy a comfortable living environment even in cold weather, we make sure that gas and district heating safely reach your home. But we do more than just earthworks, construction and pipe-laying services for gas and district heating supply systems. We also support the construction of the district cooling network as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional air-conditioning plants.

Your contacts for pipe laying.

Divisional manager Mario Posch
Team leader Michael Weninger
Team leader Thomas Trinkl