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Trenchless utility lines

Special competence in the infrastructure sector.

With the innovative trenchless utility lines technique, we offer our customers a modern, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for laying utility lines. Particular advantages include significantly reduced traffic disruption and reduced reconditioning works.
Our range of trenchless utility line services includes the following:

  • lmpact moling
    An impact moling is usually used in utility line laying in combination with open construction methods to establish house connection piping. This process is particularly well suited to cohesive soils and diameters from DN 80mm to DN 150mm.
  • Auger boring
    An auger boring is used in utility line laying where lines must pass under roads, railway lines or bodies of water. We use a variety of drilling machinery for different lengths and diameters. These machines vary in size, weight and performance. The smaller drilling units can be manoeuvred by hand and are suitable for tunnelling in cellar spaces or inside shafts.
  • Pilot pipe jacking
    A pilot pipe jackint is used in utility line laying to pass under roads, railway lines and bodies of water, in situations where greater accuracy is required. This procedure is only possible in displaceable soils. The system axis (pilot rod) is surveyed using a theodolite, laser or transmitter/receiver technology. Depending on the individual length and diameter, we use a range of drilling equipment in a variety of sizes, weights and performance. Smaller drilling units can be manoeuvred by hand, enabling tunnelling to proceed in cellar spaces or inside shafts.
  • Pipe bursting
    The pipe bursting procedure is a cost-effective, modern construction method for the vibration-free, trenchless replacement or renovation of pipes in metallic or brittle materials such as steel, grey cast iron, PVC and fibre cement. This process also offers the possibility of installing larger pipes than the old, existing lines.


We have been a member and board member of the Österreichischen Vereinigung für grabenlosen Leitungsbau (Austrian Industry Association for Trenchless Utility Lines), or ÖGL, for many years, adhering to the ÖGL code of conduct and committed to compliance with the association’s high-quality performance standards.

Your contacts for trenchless utility lines.

Divisional manager Mario Posch
Team leader Michael Weninger