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91. Sustainability - [Translate to English:] Intro

- [Translate to English:] Intro

92. Compliance - Fair treatment of all participants.

- Fair treatment of all participants. The PORR Group has had strict, Group-wide compliance guidelines in place for over a decade to ensure the fair treatment of all stakeholders. WIBEBA also regards…

93. Certifications - Quality is no accident.

- Quality is no accident. Considerations of quality, environment, workplace safety and health underpin all our activities. In all our projects, WIBEBA’s ultimate goal is to provide clients with the…

94. History - Specialisation in urban civil engineering.

- Specialisation in urban civil engineering. WIBEBA was taken over by the PORR Group on 1 January 2006 and its building construction sector was split off. In the course of this transition, our service…

95. History - A new mainstay.

- A new mainstay. The next few decades saw dynamic developments at WIBEBA. By the beginning of the 90s, the company comprised six core business areas and a firm intention of becoming more than merely…

96. History - Bauring Wien.

- Bauring Wien. The Bauring Wien cooperative dominated the period from 1964 to 1976. At first, independent construction companies unified into a contractual collective, and in 1969 this was then…

97. History - Eight eventful decades.

- Eight eventful decades.

98. Management - Trustworthiness, competence and flexibility.

- Trustworthiness, competence and flexibility. The core mission of our management team is to ensure the best possible framework for efficient processes on our construction sites. All processes must be…

99. WIBEBA - Your fast link to WIBEBA.

- Your fast link to WIBEBA.

100. WIBEBA - Services

- Services More than just utility lines. More than just utility lines. To our range of services
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